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Russian Lips

Get the lip look of your dreams with the most on-trend in the lip filler technique!

Estellia Aesthetic offers the popular Russian Lips treatment.

It works to shape the lips into a subtle, aesthetically pleasing shape by accentuating the cupid’s bow. This treatment offers volume and natural plumpness to the lips by lifting the height of the lips, creating the perfect lip shape and subtly accentuating the lip border.

Image of a joyful woman with stunning plum-red lips and elegantly curled hair, radiating confidence and allure following a lip enhancement procedure

Treatment takes around 1 hour

Price starts from £180 per ml

Results are immediate. You can return to your daily routine immediately after treatment. 

Relaxed woman with closed eyes lying down in a serene skin salon. A soft towel covers her head, enhancing her comfort. The skilled hands of an aesthetic nurse are poised near the woman's lips, holding a syringe with a needle, prepared for a gentle injection. The scene exudes a sense of tranquility and professional care.

What Is the Russian Lip Technique?

The Russian Lip filler technique increases the volume of the lips. Provides an impressive improvement in the height of the lips by emphasising the cupid’s bow to achieve natural plumpness, resembling a doll-like effect. A voluminous, yet natural look is then created by everting your lips without an imbalance to your side profile. Filler will be injected into the bottom lip as well to assure a balanced enhancement to your lips.

How Does this Technique Differ from Others?

Classic lip filler technique is usually injected into the lips horizontally, allowing the volume to be spread throughout the lips to create a lovely, natural even fullness.

For the Russian Lip Technique smaller amounts of filler are injected vertically from the outer border of the lips inward. This results in widening, lifting and opening the lips for amaizing, shapely, plump look.

Joyful Black woman with a radiant smile showcasing the results of lip enhancement at a skin clinic. Her fingers frame a square around her plump lips, highlighting the successful outcome of the procedure.
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