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Under Eye Treatment

Are you struggling with imperfections under the eyes? Worried about worsening under eye bags? Trying to cover the dark circles under your eyes every morning?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you definitely should consider having a proper treatment for it done.

At Estellia Aesthetic we offer range of treatments to help you with flaccid skin and dark circles under the eyes. 

Let us smooth and brighten the skin under your eyes and create a youthful, refreshed under eye appearance.

Graceful light brown-skinned woman with captivating eyes, showcasing the positive outcomes of an under-eye treatment, which has contributed to a refreshed and radiant appearance.

Treatment takes around 45 mins

Price starts from £90

Results takes time, depends of choosen treatment plan. You can return to your daily routine immediately after treatment.

Focused view of a white woman's eye area, where an attentive aesthetic nurse holds a syringe with an under-eye treatment solution, poised and prepared for a precise injection, illustrating a moment in the process of enhancing the under-eye region.

How can it be achieved?

It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. At Estellia Aesthetic we understand how important it is to take proper care of the eye area. Until recently, there were not many minimally invasive treatments available that can be used in the eye area, even in the moving part of the eyelid.

Let us smooth and brighten the skin under your eyes and create a youthful, refreshed under eye appearance.

To get rid of bags and dark circles under the eyes we use a variety of proven cocktails, which can be given around the eye area using appropriate mesotherapy techniques.

Each treatment is preceded by a detailed consultation, during which we will together choose the best treatment plan for you.

How quickly the effects are visible?

Depending on the chosen method, the first effects are noticeable after about 2 weeks. However, these are serial treatments, it means there are several treatments needed (usually form 3 to 6) to obtain the best effect.

During your consultation, we will plan your treatments, breaks between them and you will receive additional recommendations of after the procedure care.

Close-up of a man's eye area featuring small dots under the eyes, indicative of the aftereffects of an under-eye injection procedure performed at a skin clinic.
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