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Does your skin look tired? Is it gray and lackluster? If this sounds familiar - be sure to contact us! We will help you regain your shine and self-confidence.

Chemical peels are a popular cosmetic procedure used to improve the texture, tone, and overall appearance of the skin. Whether you're seeking a mild refresh or more dramatic results, a chemical peel can help you achieve a rejuvenated complexion by promoting the growth of healthier skin cells and addressing various skin concerns.

Book your chemical peel treatment with Estellia Aesthetic!

Treatment takes 30- 60 minutes

Price starts from £45 per session

You can return to your daily routine immediately after treatment

Photograph featuring an Asian woman with closed eyes and a flower in her hair, reclining comfortably. An aesthetic nurse's hands are positioned on her face, indicating the preparation for a chemical peel treatment in an aesthetic salon.
Image of a woman lying down with closed eyes and a towel wrapped around her head. An aesthetic nurse is positioned behind her, delicately applying Biorepeelcl3 to her face using a brush, creating a soothing and rejuvenating skincare experience.

What is this treatment?

Chemical peel is a cosmetic procedure that involves the application of a properly selected product to the skin. The solution is carefully chosen based on the specific skin concerns and desired outcome of the individual undergoing the procedure. 

Chemical peels can be categorized into three main types based on the depth of the peel: superficial, medium, and deep. Superficial peels target the outermost layer of the skin, known as the epidermis. They are generally mild and can be used to address minor skin issues such as fine lines, uneven skin tone, and mild acne scars.

Medium peels penetrate deeper into the middle layer of the skin, called the dermis. They are more effective at treating moderate wrinkles, pigmentation irregularities, and acne scars. Medium peels often involve stronger chemical solutions and may require more downtime for the skin to heal.

Deep peels are the most intensive type of chemical peel and reach the lower layer of the dermis. They are used to address significant skin concerns such as deep wrinkles, severe sun damage, and pronounced acne scars. Deep peels usually involve the application of a strong solution and may require more extensive recovery time.

What Are The Benefits of the procedure?

After a chemical peel, there are several benefits that can be experienced:

  • Improved Skin Texture: Chemical peels work by removing the outermost layers of dead and damaged skin cells, revealing smoother and more even skin texture. This can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and rough patches.

  • Enhanced Skin Tone: Chemical peels can help to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and age spots. The exfoliation process helps to fade dark spots and promote a more uniform complexion.

  • Reduced Acne and Acne Scarring: Chemical peels can be effective in treating acne and reducing the occurrence of breakouts. They help to unclog pores, remove excess oil and bacteria, and minimize the appearance of acne scars.

  • Increased Collagen Production: Chemical peels stimulate the production of collagen, a protein that helps maintain the skin's elasticity and firmness. This can lead to a more youthful and plump appearance, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Smoother Skin: Chemical peels remove dead skin cells and stimulate cell turnover, resulting in smoother skin. This can help improve the texture of the skin, making it feel softer and more supple.

  • Brightened Complexion: Chemical peels can give the skin a brighter and more radiant appearance. By removing dull and damaged skin cells, the underlying fresh skin is revealed, giving a youthful glow.

  • Improved Skincare Product Penetration: By removing the outer layers of dead skin cells, chemical peels allow skincare products to penetrate more effectively. This means that the active ingredients in your skincare routine can reach deeper into the skin and provide better results.

  • Boosted Self-Confidence: The positive changes in the skin's appearance after a chemical peel can boost self-confidence and improve overall satisfaction with one's appearance.

Photograph capturing a woman in the process of peeling off a black face mask from her skin after undergoing a chemical peel treatment at a skincare salon, revealing refreshed and revitalized skin.
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